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               In the right light

               everything looks diff erent.

                                           In healthcare, even the smallest detail
                                           can have a big impact.

                                           HEINE best-in-class, German-engineered instruments. Missing something
                                           subtle during the exam phase can have a tremendous impact on
                                           diagnosis, treatment and ultimately the outcome. Although misdiagnoses
                                           and missed diagnoses happen for many reasons, you may take for
                                           granted how much the instruments you use can aff ect overall patient

                                           When every detail counts, you need LEDHQ.

                                           To accurately assess anatomical structures and make accurate diagnoses,
                                           you need a clear, well illuminated view. HEINE is the fi rst company
                                           to replicate halogen CRI properties with the lifelong capabilities of
                                           LED. HEINE instruments give you
                                           continuous brightness adjustment,
                                           exceptional CRI, even light
                                           distribution and long product life
                                           with exclusive LEDHQ illumination
                                           technology. You can see colors as
                                           they are in their natural state. Red is
                                           red. Blue is blue.

                                          You can’t prevent what you can’t see.

                                          To make the best diagnosis, you have to be able to detect even the
                                          faintest variations in color and structure. You can’t do that if something
                                          is blocking your view. HEINE’s exclusive Aspherical Optical System (AOS)
                                          redirects corneal refl ections
                                          away from your line of sight,
                                          delivering a crisper, clearer,
                                          unobstructed view of the
                                          fundus for improved diagnosis.
                                          AOS also eliminates the need
                                          for fi lters or other systems
                                          that reduce resolution and
                                          compromise your ability to see
                                          important details.

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