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                                                                What’s   Interesting
                                                           4      Deal of the Week
                                                           5    Free  Diagnostic Equipment         Needles &    Syringes
                                                           6    Featured Products
          Surgo  - Customer Satisfaction is our Goal.                                         124 Injections
                                                           8    New! Sharps Collection
                                                                                              136 Sharps Collectors
          We believe customer service is the most                                             138 IV Supplies
          important aspect of our business. We believe                                        145 Blood Collection
          strongly in convenience, cost eff ectiveness           Clinic Set Up
          and accessibility of information.                12 Exam Tables
                                                           20    Wall Diagnostics                  Offi  ce Supplies
          Surgo Surgical Supply has been one of the        24 Lighting                        147 Stamps
          leading national distributors of medical                                            151  Paper Products
          products since the late 1960’s.  Over the
          years we have shipped millions of parcels.            Diagnostics                   152  Dymo Labels
          Our customers have come to depend on our         28 Blood Pressure                  154  Pens & Post -It Notes
          speed of service and reliability.                                                   157  Staples, Clips & Fasteners
                                                           38 Dermatoscopes
                                                           40  Diagnostic Sets
          Surgo Surgical Supply is a member of                                                     Paper Products
          Independent Medical Co-OP (IMCO). As an          46  Dopplers
          IMCO member, Surgo Surgical Supply has           47   ECG & Spirometery             158  Gowns, Drapes & Table Paper
          combined purchasing power of over 2 Billion      51  Scales                         163 Cups
          dollars. IMCO membership also provides           56 Stethoscopes                    164 Wipes
          value-added programs enabling us to better       61 Thermometers
          serve our customers with competitive,                                                    Printing
          low prices and the benefi ts of consultative      64  Vital Signs Monitors           148 Prescription Pads
          associated services.
                                                                                              149  Appointment cards
                                                                General Equipment
          Uncompromised Service is the key to                                                 150  History Sheets
          the tens of thousands of the successful          66 Vaccine Storage
          partnerships we have created with our            70  Carts & Chairs                      Procedures
          customers.                                       74 Stretchers & Wheelchairs
          “Service is everything! Ease of ordering, bill   75  Stands, IV & Instrument        166 Anaesthetics
          payment, order tracking and accessibility                                           168    Cryotherapy
          of information are crucial components of a                                          170  Cautery
          successful customer relationship”                     Gloves
                                                                                              174   CPR/First Aid/Crash Cart
                                                           76 Nitrile, Vinyl, Latex
          An example of this dedication to                 82 Sterile                         186  Instruments
          convenience is our ban on voice mail and
          telephone switch boards.  All customer                                                     Sundries & Supplies
          requests are answered at the time of their            Infection Control             204  Sundries
          call by a knowledgeable and skilled staff         84    Autoclaves & Monitoring
          member.                                                                             210 ECG Electrodes
                                                           94 Surface Disinfection
                                                                                              217 Lubricating Jelly
                                                           96 Hand Hygiene
          Our entire company structure and corporate
          culture is designed around providing the         100  Personal Protection Equip          Women’s     Health
          best customer experience possible.
          We are pioneers in innovation and                     Janitorial                    219 Vaginal Illumination
          technology. We welcome you to  the Surgo         107   Paper Products Towels etc.   221  IUD & Cytology
          team, enjoy the many benefi ts that we off er.
                                                           112   Garbage Cans & Bags

          We look forward to our continued role as         113  Cleaners & Detergents              Wound Care
          an industry leader, bringing innovation and                                         224 Basic  Dressings
          excellence into the hands of our customers.                                         226  Gauze
                                                                Lab / Point of Care           230 Tape

          Surgo is a fully Canadian owned and              116 Pregnancy/ Urinalysis          232 Irrigation
          operated company.                                119 Strep Tests
                                                                                              237 Dressing Trays
                                                           122 Specimen Collection            239 Skin Adhesives
          Thank you!
                                                                                              240 Sutures
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