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3Mô Surgical Clipper Starter Kit

3M Clipper Starter Kit

Product # 300-9667L

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3Mô Surgical Clipper Starter Kit

Product Details

  • Kit contains 9661L body and 9662L charger stand (blade assembly not included)
  • Reduces risk of nicks or cuts with the away-from-the-skin cutting blade position
  • Easily clean handle by rinsing under running water and wiping with a disinfectant
  • Convenient, drop-in charger stand
  • Also available: the 3Mô Surgical Clipper Specialty Blade 9690 for head and heavy body hair removal

3Mô Clipper Starter Kit contains clipper body and charger. Blade assembly is not included.

Experience the difference a pivoting head makes. The 3Mô Surgical Clipper 9661L with Pivoting Head helps you give patients a safe, comfortable clipping experience. When used with the 9660 blade, the pivoting head conforms to body contours, skin folds and creases. The unique blade attachment on the 3Mô Surgical Clipper 9661L with Pivoting Head accepts either the pivoting (9660) or specialty (9690) clipper blade assembly, and provides maximum blade contact with the skin at all times. The blade design easily accommodates either flat or angled clipping styles. The 9661L with the 9660 blade state-of-the-art features make it a top choice for Pre-op, Neuro, Cardiac, Labor and Delivery and EMS prep teams.

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