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For information regarding Exam Room Set Up, visit: www.surgo.com/exam-room-set-up.

For a summary of the Power Exam Tables that we carry, visit: www.surgo.com/power-exam-table.


Power Examination Tables:
One of the single most import considerations for your examination rooms is Accessibility.  With changing regulations, it becomes very important to ensure that at least one exam rom in your clinic is accessible.  This means that it will need to be a power high low exam table that will allow easy transfer from wheelchairs or similar devices.  Midmark has an excellent reputation in barrier free exam tables and is well worth looking at. Accessibility is also critical for your staff safety.  We recommend consulting with your Safety Rep or Safety Committee when making your decision about power exam tables. When the rest of your clinic, from parking lot, to doorways and bathrooms are Accesible it is critical to have at least one exam room in your clinic Accessible to all patients.
At Surgo, we carry all the major brands of power exam tables and have an intrinsic understanding of each style, model and benefit available.  If you are looking for a specific table model (E.G. Ritter 222) or a specific type of table based on procedure we can help.

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