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For information regarding Exam Room Set Up, visit: www.surgo.com/exam-room-set-up.

For a summary of the Manual Exam Tables that we carry, visit: www.surgo.com/manual-exam-tables.


Manual Exam Tables:

The medical exam table is the cornerstone of every exam room. Let us help your research your exam table.

We carry all the major brands of exam table for all specialties and have negotiated some of the best prices in Canada to bring you the best value possible. Please take advantage of our expert advice when planning and designing your exam room. Perhaps you don't require stirrups? Perhaps you need to coordinate with a particular colour scheme? Perhaps you are looking for a specific model such as a Ritter 204 or UMF 5240 with side step stool? We can guide you to the best choice everytime.

The comfort and functionality of a Manual Exam Table will bring more efficient patient care into your exam room. Whether you’re looking for a side step stool, optimal drawer storage capacity, or the best price, we’ve got you covered at Surgo Surgical Supply.

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