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What are the most important factors to consider when Equipping or Renovating a new Exam Room or Clinic?

Examination Tables:
One of the key pieces of medical furniture that you will purchase for your new clinic is your examination table.  There are many variations, brands  and styles to consider.
One of the single most import considerations for your examination rooms is Accessibility.  With changing regulations, it becomes very important to ensure that at last one exam rom in your clinic is accessible.  This means that it will need to be a power high low exam table that will allow easy transfer from wheelchairs or similar devices.  Midmark has an excellent reputation in barrier free exam tables and is well worth looking at. Accessibility is also critical for your staff safety.  We recommend consulting with your Safety Rep or Safety Committee when making your decision about power exam tables. Additional example items  to consider in your exam table are locations of step stools, stirrup requirements and colour.
At Surgo, we carry all the major brands of exam tables and have an intrinsic understanding of each style and model of physician exam table they offer.  We can guide you to the best decision for you and your clinic.

Diagnostic Equipment (Otoscope, Opthalmoscope & Blood Pressure)
Your choice of Wall Diagnostics is the other major decision you will need to make equipping your new clinic.  Second to your exam table, your Otoscope, Opthalmoscope and Blood Pressure Device will be the most frequently used medical devices in your exam room.
There have been recent advances in LED technology that make LED instruments a very viable solution.  With correct colour & tissue rendition from the higher quality brands such as HEINE & Welch Allyn, you can get the crisp views you need from your Otoscope & Opthalmoscope while completely eliminating the cost of bulb replacement.
Automated Blood pressure is a critical advancement.  You must ask yourself if automated Blood Pressure will be important to your practice?   According to the guidelines set forth by the Canadian Hypertension Society, automated Blood Pressure is the best diagnostic modality for the future.  We have many options for you with regards to digital blood pressure devices for clinical use.  Welch Allyn, BPTRU, Omron & Suntech all have excellent options.  We can help you decide on the best work flow within your clinic and how you manage taking blood pressure.
There are other topics to consider when choosing the best diagnostic instruments for your clinic.  These considerations include but are not limited to price, Otoscope Magnification, how a device deals with Corneal Glare, colour coding of blood pressure cuffs for easy size identification and many others.
Fortunately, we carry all the major brands of diagnostic instruments.  When it comes to clinic design, we can help you make the best choice for your unique requirements.   We carry Welch Allyn,  Heine, Amico, Riester, ADC and other brands of diagnostic equipment.

Hands Free Hand Washing:
Hand free hand washing is also often over looked.  Being touchless is a critical part of infection control within your clinic.  The good news is that, with planning, it is very low cost to turn your medical offices into a touch free hand washing environment. Remember to insist your contractor install Hands free Faucets!

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