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Discover the innovation and precision of Dermlite Dermatoscopes by 3Gen, offering a comprehensive range of specialized devices tailored to elevate dermatological examinations. Whether you need advanced connectivity features or compact, portable options, our selection ensures superior diagnostic capabilities and patient care.


  • Dermoscopy - Connectivity: Integrates with mobile devices for real-time image capture and analysis, enhancing telemedicine capabilities.
  • Lumio Dermoscopy: Illuminates skin structures with clarity, utilizing cutting-edge LED technology for detailed dermoscopic examinations.
  • Photo Dermoscopy: Facilitates high-resolution image capture of skin lesions, ideal for documentation and patient records.
  • Pocket Dermoscopy: Compact and lightweight designs for convenient use in any clinical setting, ensuring diagnostic accuracy on the go.

Each Dermlite dermatoscope by 3Gen is engineered with precision optics and ergonomic designs to meet the demanding needs of dermatologists worldwide. These devices offer unparalleled clarity and reliability, empowering healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatments.

Equip your practice with the latest in dermatoscope technology. Explore our selection of Dermlite Dermatoscopes by 3Gen today to enhance your diagnostic capabilities and improve patient outcomes.