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Chemstrip Urinalysis Products

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Chemstrip 7 Test Strips Replaces Chemstrip 5L - Box of 100 Tests
Chemstrip 10A Test Strips - Box of 100 Tests
Chemstrip GP Test Strips - Box of 100 Tests
Chemstrip 9 Test Strips - Box of 100 Tests
Urisys 1100 Paper Roll
Chemstrip 5 Replaces Chemstrip 4MD - Box of 100
Control-Test M Urisys 1100
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Chemstrip Urinalysis Products

Discover reliable and accurate urinalysis test strips for diagnostic testing with our Chemstrip Urinalysis Products. Our range of Chemstrip products offers convenient and efficient solutions for urine analysis.

Key Features:

  1. Reliable Testing: Provides accurate and dependable results for diagnostic purposes.
  2. Convenient: Easy-to-use test strips suitable for routine screenings.
  3. Efficient: Streamlines urine analysis processes for improved workflow efficiency.
  4. Versatile: Offers a range of test strips for various diagnostic needs.
  5. Professional Use: Trusted by healthcare professionals for clinical testing.
  6. Quality Assurance: Ensures consistent performance and reliability.
  7. Diagnostic Support: Helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of various medical conditions through urine analysis.

Whether you need test strips for routine screenings or specific diagnostic purposes, our Chemstrip products provide reliable results to support clinical decision-making.